Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The rest of the Kauai story...

Colin got some action on the boogie board. He had a great time. I tried it and just swallowed alot of salt water. Those were powerful waves.

All of us drove up to Waimea Canyon and took a hike to Alaka'i swamp, a unique spot which receives a huge dump of rain.
This is Kalalau Valley from above.
Dressed for the weather...

A mountain apple blossom and a huge fern beginning to uncoil.

Overlooking Waimea Canyon.
A monk seal rests right on Poipu beach. Conservationists put up ropes to keep people from disturbing it, since it is endangered.

Fun at Kipu falls - this was a small waterfall with a high rope swing. Yes, I did let go. Colin jumped off the cliff next to the falls.

The last Sunset... we thought
Surprise! We ended up in Honolulu after our plane had to return due to malfunctioning flaps. Hawaiian Airlines treated us very well and rather than sitting at the airport, they bussed us to Waikiki for dinner. It was fun to be there - the place was hopping with tourists and with families celebrating Mother's Day. We paid for the fun later when we departed at 11:00 pm and tried to sleep on the plane.
The banyan trees in the park were fun to swing on.