Friday, June 22, 2007

Greenwater River Trail

The snow is still deep high in the mountains, so we have been hiking the lowlands. Late in May Dan, Colin, and I hiked the Greenwater River trail. We did get into the snow, but were able to find our way by following the tracks. The river was very full and new plants were shooting up everywhere.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Early Music Concerts

In May our Early Music Continuo Ensemble entertained the folks at Wesley Gardens with tunes from several centuries ago. The array of instruments includes harp, theorbo, viola da gamba, recorder, and lute. Dan and I performed a duet by Henry Purcell called "Resistance is but Vain", which features the word "no". It was a fun piece to do together. About 10 vocalists were involved in the concert. Grace had just returned from the health center the day before after a long ordeal recovering from a broken hip.

Dan played his baroque guitar, Mateo, for the Continuo Ensemble spring recital.