Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Celia!

Happy Birthday Celia!

Below are a few pictures that tell about a few of the things you are passionate about. We enjoy watching you pursue your passions and we share many of them with you...

tea parties...

 ... good friends

... hiking and the environment

... Keith.

...and the Lord.

May you always pursue your passions with energy and joy. May the Lord bless you with peace in the midst of your studies, love from friends and family, and much joy in all you do.

Love, Mom and Dad

Another trip to Vancouver

This time we spent some time being tourists while Celia and Keith studied. We went to Granville Island and enjoyed buying yummy things at the market and looking at the galleries.

Celia and Keith performed with Regent's gospel choir. One of the students there created this group and much of the music they sang as a project toward his degree. You might argue that most of them are the wrong color, but they sounded great!

We celebrated Celia's birthday at an Italian restaurant in downtown Vancouver. After dinner, we enjoyed a performance of Handel's Israel in Egypt, by the Bach choir, which Keith is a part of.

Our trip to Vancouver wouldn't have been complete without a trip to one of their beautiful gardens.

Happy Spring!

These pictures were taken by Dan during our recent trip to Vancouver.

The fate of our van

Shortly after our accident, we took our van to the car hospital and begged them to do all they could to save her. They looked her over, and thought they could repair her good as new. But when they actually went in to do the surgery, they found much more damage than they had been able to see from an external examination. So they conferred with the insurance company, who decided to send her to the junk yard. It is too bad - she was still had a lot of life in her. At least we have the consolation of knowing that she will give donate many of her parts to make other cars whole again.

Knowing that we could never replace her, we bought a used Toyota Sienna instead.